As you know, the wine industry is growing. We want your vineyard to stand at a competitive level, we service the top vineyards in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding, offering the following maintenance services:  Plant Pruning, Vine Training, Block Set Up, Irrigation System, Harvesting, Drafting, amongst others. We know the plant and factors here in Texas that differ from vineyards in other States and Countries. Our viticulture is based on a great experience gained in the Californian Vineyards, allover the Central Coast (Paso Robles, Carmel Valley, Greenfield, Soledad, Gonzales,and Salinas). Most of all the quality in which we deliver is second to none! Contact Us, to get more information Today!



About Us

Luis Cortes founded Monster Grape Vine, LLC at the beginning of 2015 inspired by the growing wine industry in the Texas Hill Country and motivated by his love and appreciation of the grape vine. Luis’ philosophy is that the vine’s unique and meticulous needs can only be met by those who have a true theoretical and practical understanding of it.

The present expertise Luis possesses is a result of 15 years of working in various wineries. His journey began as a field worker in some of the world renowned California Wineries in the Central Coast, specifically. There, he ascended to positions of management after a few years gaining valuable knowledge along the way. Now, as a Texas resident since 2009, he has been involved in the blooming wine industry the state has been experiencing.

While Luis provides quality labor for established wineries, and brand new ones, he draws nearer to realizing a dream of owning his own vineyard. For now, he enthusiastically invests his energy in caring for those vineyards which others allow him the opportunity to work with.

Although a small company, the Monster Grape Vine, LLC team is determined to accomplish great things. It will eventually place grapes in your hand even if starting with bare land. The combination of personal involvement with the vine, attention to detail, responsibly doing the right thing to benefit the vine, and the satisfaction of seeing the healthy ‘fruits of his labor,’ make Monster Grape Vine, LLC a perfect fit when searching for ‘someone’ who knows what ‘he’ is doing.